Hi fashion lovers, my name is petra.m, born and raised in Croatia, travelled and studied (finance) in USA (Harvard and Berkeley), Portugal and Croatia. After two years working as a consultant in a top strategic consulting company (yes, yes, business black-white attire every day), now I work in my family’s company, and dream of being an entrepreneur myself.

This blog is my attempt to encompass everything that inspires me every day – STYLE, clothes, food, art, architecture, interior design and much much more. My personal style is a combo of rock chic with today’s (runway) trends.

Favorite designers: Alexander McQueen and Karl Lagerfeld, followed by Isabel Marant, 3.1. Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs, Liu Jo, DKNY, Alexander Wang. But also, a big fan of Croatian designers – XD Xenia Design, LuKa, Zigman, LEI LOU and many more (which you wil definitely get to know in time). I love shopping online (net-a-porter fan), as I love to do it by walking in street center of any city I am in (adventurous traveler). I love reading books, so any recommendation is more than welcome.

About me/stylesonnetbypetra.m


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