Vienna: Let’s eat, YES PLEASE

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Perfect  preXmas getaway in Vienna this weekend.  This year I am really in the Christmas mood. I read in the newspaper today that it is going to snow for the weekend. WHITE CHRISTMAS!  I remember the last white Xmas. Me and my friends (yes, yes, and 20+ year olds) took small sleds and went to the nearest hill (apx. 6 m tall) and were going up and down as we would be 7 again. Great fun!

Every corner of Vienna is beatifly decorated. It really also smells like Christmas (for me that is the combination of cinnamon, apples and hot wine). I would say that this weekend there was more FOOD than fashion hahahah, Christmas markets and sightseeing. I put as many layers possible on myself since we spent mostly the weekend out in the open. Of course we ate everything (original from Austria) what Vienna offers: Wienerschnitzel, Glühwein, Sacher Torte, Sausages with cheese (Käsekreiner), Kaiserschmarrn. Yuumy!  Vienna is so pretty in the winter time with perfect combination of historic and relaxing possibilities. I would recommend it seeing it to everyone.

Already looking forward to the next weekend escape from reality!

IMG_0878IMG_0871IMG_0829IMG_0836IMG_0851IMG_0855photo (2)IMG_0892IMG_0882





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