Paris inspiration and black combination

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It already smells like winter. Hello, December. Welcome. I must admit I don’t like cold weather but there is something magical in drinking hot wine while freezing 🙂 On the other hand, I prefer winter than summer clothes. There are more options for layering and combinations, and I have to think much more about what I want to wear (hahhaa but don’t mind that much).

I took out of the closet one of my favourite coats from XD Xenia Design this weekend and put the cutest French hat. Feels like being in Paris.  Just when I am writing the post, I goggled Paris black and white. Some were pretty amazing photos appeared.  Just last week I finally saw the Midnight in Paris movie and a wish to visit Paris soon popped into my head. I am definitely in a romantic/loving/giggling mood since the “couples” Paris photos from Google were my favourites. Watching The Notebook movie yesterday and missing my N. certainly enhanced the feeling 🙂

Paris, mon Amour, I want to see you again soon.


IMG_0775COAT: XD Xenia design; HAT: H&M; JEANS: Karl by Karl Lagerfeld; JACKET: XD Xenia Design; BLOUSE: Zara; SHOES: Replay





One thought on “Paris inspiration and black combination

  1. Bas mi je drago sto smo se nasle! :)) Followam te naravno… Keep us upadated! :****

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