Spotted: Gingerita t-shirts

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I love when you can with just a Follow button on Twitter find new, interesting and creative young people. Just a week ago I spotted the new brand Gingerita, designed by Alekandra Ivanović from Serbia. Since I love prints on my t-shirts and wear them in almost every combination, I really liked the idea of making unique printed t-shirts and spicing them up with many details. Each t-shirt features interesting printed motifs and the t-shirts are later decorated with stones, beads, studs, chains and various other decorations. In her first t-shirt collection Aleksandra was inspired by film divas, artists and rock stars. The trademark of Gingerita are quotes which are combined with the pictures.

The designer believes (and I agree) that every woman is different and needs to express its uniqueness trough the wardrobe. Whether you are a romantic, rebellious, sensual, love  retro fashion or you are completely urban, Gingerita for sure has a proposal for you.

Photos from Gingereta Facebook Page

See the whole Gingerita collection on Facebook

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