New winter collection: Avenue FOCH Paris

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If you like fur and fur accessories you will definitely like the new Avenue FOCH Paris lookbook. The young Croatian designer Vedrana Šehagić decided to spice up the winter collection with lots of (ecological) fur coats, hats, scarves 🙂  Looking now at the weather cold weather which is ahead of us, I think  the accessories are perfect to keep me warm (and classy :)) The clothes from the collection are sophisticated and elegant and could be worn to go to work, but also for any kind of formal (and informal) party or a meeting.

“With its design, FOCH carries a sophisticated, refined style and modern lines inspired by European classic and French elegance making it desirable for every occasion.” (source: Foch website)

What amazes me the most is the cooperation between the French fashion brand, Croatian designer and Croatian textile industry and production. One of the best ways for being profitable in textile production is to cooperate with innovative designers, search for interesting designs and produce fashionable product which will be interesting to customers across Europe (at least). Of course you need to have enough production capacity to fulfill the customer demand. Success of the brand, designer and finally Croatian textile industry is in that way is definitely inevitable.

The brand FOCH is sold all over Croatia (in more than 40 elite boutiques), and you can see their work and Like them on the Facebook page Foch.

The new season’s collection is embodied by famous Croatian model Alma Vukičevic.

Alma and and the designer Vedrana 🙂 Congratulations :)) I am waiting for your futher work 🙂

Photos: Foch Facebook Page

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