Cro-A-Porter Westgate (3/3) + XD pants and Mura Pehnec bag

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After a relaxed coffee with my friends in my hometown Čakovec in the morning, I was rushing in the afternoon to make it to Zagreb for the last Cro-A-Porter night. Since I travel back and forth all the time (at least twice per week, and I stay in Zagreb for the most of the weekends), I thought I will get ready really fast and make it on time.

Already in the morning I decided to wear my new XD by Xenia Design printed lace pants, but getting ready got somewhat slow when I was deciding what to combine with the pants. In the end I decided to put Zigman for Accessorize T-shirt, Zara jacket and Kurt Geiger shoes + pink nylon socks. Plus my new bag from Mura Pehnec which arrived on my doors via post on Friday (Thank you Mura). Can’t say more except the fact that I LOVE THE BAG AND THE PANTS.

In the photos you will see two different blazers, because in the very last minute I decided to wear the longer one. My brother took some pictures for me very quickly (thank you buraz), and I was already pretty late so in all the rush I forgot my laptop, blackberry charger and even my cosmetics bag in Čakovec. Hahah. Well, nothing new for me. Even with me being late to pick up my friend B. in Zagreb, we were there on time (huuh)

Four very different but very unique designers showed their collections: Teo P. for Mak, Lokomotiva by Luka&Lana, Matija Vuica and finally Zigman. Definitely my favourites were Lokomotiva and Zigman (if I look from the perspective what I would like to wear) with Zigman’s playful grey and Lokomotiva’s black clothing pieces (JUST WOW!), nonetheless from the inspirational perspective Matija Vuica and Teo Perić did an amazing job, Teo P. with feminine skirts + bows on waist, and Matija Vuica with the eclectic oriental dresses.

My favourite pieces

Teo P. za Mak



Collection photos from Buro 24/7


My outfit

T-SHIRT: Zigman for Accessorize; JACKET: Zara; PANTS: XD Xenia Design; BAG: Mura Pehnec .torba.; SHOES: Kurt Geiger


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