CRO-A-PORTER Westgate 1/3

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After a break of more than 2 weeks, it was time it was time for the first Cro-a-porter night in the shopping center Westgate. I must add, quite a night! We saw four great shows, with many pieces of clothes I would like to wear. The first was Hippy Garden with their black strong woman show, and then Sonja Lamut who was inspired by 50s and 60s, followed by street style by Jet Lag and it all ended with the Elfs tandem.

I was wearing a more relaxed combination, with many of my fav pieces like the D&G T-shirt with Naomi Campbell on it (shot for the D&G 2010 Fragnance Antology), black Zara blazer and Levi’s skirt.

My favourite pieces from the show


Hippy garden has style and attitude I usually like to wear, so I will definitely have a peak in their store!


Just wow – great for work, loved the collection!


There are many many pieces from the Jet Lag which I would like to wear! Perfect for coffee in the city center, or a party, just love their street style!


I really like the ELFS bags, but the dresses are too short for my style – but again very colorful and great for a party night.

Photo: Buro 24/7


My outfit

T-SHIRT:D&G; JACKET: Zara; SKIRT: Levi’s, SHOES: Sam Edelman


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