77th Zagreb Golden needle / 77. Zlatna igla

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The 77th Zagreb Golden Needle (a direct translation from Croatian „Zlatna igla“) was held this Thursday. Every manifestation which has a tradition of more than 77 years is I believe a treasure to keep and cherish, right?

Well, what is it about? It is the most traditional fashion show in Croatia, where artisans and designers show their work. It is held on a yearly basis, mainly in October. The designers are entrepreneurs and artisans who are in the fashion business for more than 20 years. They all have their own fashion specialty (fur, dresses, wools as material, male suits, etc.) and their clothes are mostly tailored by customers’ wishes. For the Golden needle they make the full collection and present it to their friends, customers and actually to the whole Croatia since the whole event is transmitted live on the Croatian national program. The main sponsor for this year was the President of Croatia, who was also attending the show.

New fashion creations were presented by  17 designers:  Mustre, Iggy, Etno butik Mara, Dora, Crafts Design Kad-Tad, Etna Maar, Muška moda Šabić, Sposa, Koart–leather, Mu:n, Stolnik, Krzno Sumrak, Milena Rogulj, Igor Dobranić, Ivica Klarić, Elegance, Igor Galaš and Nada Došen. I must say that several designers really showed interesting designs which I would like to wear. My favourites were: Etna Maar, IK Ivica Klarić design, Elegance, Igor Galaš and Nada Došen. Already looking forward what they have for us in the next year!

I was wearing a black combination. I combine usually a suit jacket with a lot of my clothes, so I did it also this this time. I decided to wear a black suit jacket from Sisley, with Karl jeans, Karl T-shirt and Karl collar (yes, yes  I am a BIG Karl Lagerfeld fan), Miss Sixty shoes and Michael Kors bag. I bought the collar already in December last year, and don’t know why it was unworn in my closet for such a long time until now – but really love it!

PS. Had a perfect sunny weekend with many celebrations but also managed to have a long walk in the nature and a perfectly relaxed movie night. Aw. Too bad it is already Sunday night.

The show

My outfit

T-SHIRT: Karl Lagerfeld; JACKET: Sisley; JEANS: Karl Lagerfeld; COLLAR: Karl Lagerfeld; SHOES: Miss Sixty


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