Favourite street styles from Spring 2013 shows

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From New York, over London, to Milan and finally Paris trendsetters were wearing inspirational and I-will-never-own-it-but-crave-for-it clothes. I must say I always find interesting looks going through the photos.

There are several trends this fall which I would not like to miss. First of all: gothic glamour. If you like black (and I do) all you need with the combination of 2,3 black items (long  black skirt is a must) plus a touch of silver rock jewelry and high heels, and it already looks perfect. If you saw the movie The girl with a dragon tattoo, the look of Lisbon is perfect for this fall’s trend. 🙂

Patterns,…everywhere..  So called statement pants with patterns or prints are also very neat, if you know how to combine them. They can always go with a print t-shirt or a blouse in another matching pattern. For the brave ones there is an option of complete colourful pattern match.

Although leather jackets are popular for years, this year leather also has a big comeback with other garments: skirts, dresses and jeans….really everything from head to toe. A great combination with leather clothes is a knitted sweater, the longer the better. I am sure all of us have many of them in the closet (especially if you live in a cold winter climate for few months per year), so take them out and wear them in fall also. I am sure I will.

I also like the whole oversize outerwear trend: more away from the body and bigger  – the better.

Plus, favorite accessorize which goes with every combination: a collar! Pearl one, or leather one, ornate beading – just decide to combine it.

Here is a selection of photos and styling’s from the fashion shows Spring 2013.  


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