Mum’s knitted sweater

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Last week I went through my mum’s closet, and was really surprised with what I found. There were a number of knitted sweaters in many different shapes and colours – and all knitted by my mum! She was wearing them when she was my age, which means they are appx. 20 years old.  So, I decided to keep a pink one which I found (although you can rarely see me in pink, think this is the 2nd pink item in my closet). The sweater came very handy this Saturday for a walk in the city center of Zagreb, cause the weather was a bit chilly with on and off sunny moments. Plus, the sweaters have a big comeback this winter and you can combine it with almost every combination. I combined it with Karl Lagerfeld jeans (from Karl collections which I really adore),  Michael Kors bag and Kurt Geiger London platforms.

SHIRT: Handmade knitted by my mum; JEANS: Karl collection, Karl Lagerfeld; BAG: Michael Kors; SHOES: Kurt Geiger


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